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New paper features on the cover of Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry
February 2017

A new article published by John Woodland, Roger Hunter, Pete Smith and Timothy Egan was selected to appear on the cover of the journal Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, published by the Royal Society of Chemistry. Entitled "Shining new light on ancient drugs: Preparation and subcellular localisation of novel fluorescent analogues of Cinchona alkaloids in intraerythrocytic Plasmodium falciparum", the article was also selected as a "Hot Article" for 2017. You can read the article by clicking on the journal cover below.

Young Spectroscopists' Symposium
9 March 2015

At the recent Young Spectroscopists' Symposium organised by the South African Spectroscopic Society (SASS) and hosted by Stellenbosch University, John Woodland won the Albertus Strasheim Trophy for the best oral presentation. You can read a short report and view some of the photos on this website.

Jack Elsworth Lecture-Demonstration: “How to Train Your Molecule”
27-28 November 2014

Every year, the Department of Chemistry and the Royal Society of Chemistry of South Africa (South) put on a chemistry show for schoolchildren and adults. This year the theme was "How to Train Your Molecule". As usual, there was a large involvement from the Egan research group. Roxanne Mohunlal and Kathryn Wicht took to the stage as "Chlorine" and "Water" respectively, while Nikki Dare and Fabrizio L'abbate worked behind the scenes. Kathryn Wicht and John Woodland together wrote the script and directed the play. You can see some photos of the event on the Chemistry Department website.

How to Train Your Molecule

SACI/RSC Western Cape Young Chemists' Symposium
24 October 2014

The annual SACI/RSC Western Cape Young Chemists' Symposium was this year hosted at UCT and organised by two members of the Egan group, Roxanne Mohunlal and John Woodland. In addition, Kathryn Wicht won second prize for her oral presentation. You can read the full report of the event here.

SACI/RSC Western Cape Young Chemists' Symposium 2014